October 7, 2010

Mason Hunter Brown

Sorry I typed the story before I put the pics up. I dont feel like rearranging all of the pics!

SHe sure is a PROUD big sister! She lets EVERYONE know it too!!

So many people have been asking me the birth story... And to have for my records, here it is!!

I should warn you this might be too graphic for some readers!

Jason got home on Sept 15th at 4pm. We picked him up from the airport! I didn't get to go to the airport the first deployment cuz I was in the hospital with Madison. So it was so special this time for him to get to see me full on prego! We got to have a photographer there to capture the special moment! Well we came home, made dinner, Jasons favorite meal Steak and potatoes! We hung out for a bit then Jason and I headed to the Desert Ridge Marriott. We got to the hotel around 7pm. After we got done swimming in the pool, Jason fell asleep (from traveling so much) and I watched TV. I got up to go to the bathroom and low and behold there is blood dripping down my legs. So I try and wake up Jason to see what to do and he would not wake up, like he would know what to do anyways! I hate being one of those women that call the doc about any and everything, but with blood being involved I thought I better. So I call my doc and she said go get checked and see if your water broke. So I try waking up Jason, it took me about 10 min FOR REAL to wake him up. I said babe we need to go to the hospital and he says can't you wait til morning... REALLY??? So finally I get him up and we get to the hospital around 11pm. Well they check me and said yup your water broke. SO they started my IV (WHICH HURT LIKE HELL) and then got a room prepped for me. The nurse said are you feeling any contractions and I was like I feel pain but not contractions. She was like you are having them every 2 min and you are dialated to a 5. You must have a high tolerance for pain. Anyways we get to my room, and around 130am I get my epidural. Which hurt WAY less then that dang IV. Well at about 230 the nurse said your contractions have stopped so we are gonna give you pitocin to get it going again. So weird that they just stopped. Well at 6am Im only dialated to a 6. they said I dont think your water broke it just ruptured. So they checked and she broke it and sure enough it was not broke. Just ruptured. Well when they broke it it felt like someone took a bucket of water and dumped it on me. Anyways around 630 my epidural sstarted wearing off. I was IN PAIN. I have never felt like that before. So they upped the drugs and all was well. Well at 745 they rechecked me and I was still dialated to a 6. And for some odd reason she checked me again at 8am and was like ok you are at a 9 now so Im calling the doc in. The doc got there at 815, I started pushing at 820 and he was born at 832. Weighing in at 9.13 and 21 3/4 inches! BIG OL BOY! But he is healthy as can be! And Im so happy. I didn't realize how special it was to have Jason there. He missed Madi's birth by 16 hours. So I didnt get to have him by my side with her. It was amazing to have him by my side holding my hand helping me through it all.

August 18, 2010

Madi is in Preschool!!

I can't believe my kiddo is old enough to be in Preschool. this is the first year she has gone. She has talked about school for the last year but I kept telling her she had to be able to do certain things when she goes potty to be able to go. It was a struggle with her to get her potty trained due to us moving so much. But she finally has the hang of it and she is so proud she gets to be in school. I dont know if this kid has one shy bone in her body. She talks to anyone that talks to her. Anywhere we go... She has an awesome personality and is full of life. She is VERY strong willed. But she is determined. She concentrates with everything she does and she LOVES her art. Anything that has to do with coloring, painting, cutting or "projects" she is ALL about! It was not hard for me to drop her off because I knew she was ready. But then again I was too! It might be different when she is in kindergarten and gone from me all day everyday. But when we got to her school she said ok bye mom. I am like um can I get a kiss at least! She ran up to me and said thank you for bringing me to school! And she jumped right in.

Can you tell she was excited?!?

She loves her backpack and lunch box. She picked em out herself. She LOVES monkeys. Can you tell! Well on her backpack is a monkey too you just can't see it!

Thanks for lighting up my life Madison. I would not be the same person without you!

August 5, 2010

THoughts for today

So here I am sitting, thinking about my day. Which in turn gets me to thinking about my life. I was told I say too many sad things on facebook when I update my status. When the truth is that is how I feel. I dont only write things that make it seem like my life is perfect and happy. I write things that are truthful. If I'm having a good day I let everyone know, but I also say when I'm having a hard time. I have literally been through hell and back the last few years of my life. I have done a lot of soul searching and come to realize it wasnt the people around me that was the issue, the issue was within me. So when I finally discovered what was going on, I took a step left and started walking forward again. I did this in Feb. That was when my life turned around. I finally started moving forward, instead of living in the past and worrying about what had happened and started looking forward to what could happen. But just when I get to the point that I love my life, it gets turned upside down again. Jason and I def have not had the best marriage. We have struggled a lot. But we have made it through. And I know we can make it through anything. This is our third deployment in 5 years. Im gonna lay out a timeline for those of you who don't know.

We got married Feb 2005. He deployed Aug 2005-Nov 2006. He was home from Nov 2006-March 2008. He then deployed again March 2008-April 2009. He was home from April 2009-June 2010. So far to date he has been deployed 32 months of our 66 months of marriage. But the thing that a lot of people dont get. Its so much harder for him to come home and get adjusted then it is for him to leave. We are used to a routine and have things down packed and then this man comes back into our lives and wants to fit in. So the whole routine gets messed up. And when we finally get around to it being ok, he leaves again.

So people say this is your third deployment you should know what to expect by now. That is not the case at all. Jason and I's marriage and relationship is in a lot better place now then it ever has been, and he is A LOT busier this deployment then the last two combined. Putting those two together means we barely get to talk. He isnt getting off work til 1 or 2 am, his night is my day and my night is his day. So when he is gettin up goin to work, Im goin to bed. We talk a lot less this deployment then any others. Which last deployments it was too much how much we could talk cuz he wasnt busy. So it was overbearing how much we talked. (if this is making sense) He calls about 2-3 times a week and yes we do talk on messenger but its just not the same. I have found myself more depressed this deployment then any others. I know I have to be strong for Madi. I know I cant lay in bed all day, but there are days where I don't want to get out of bed. Madi has been great with dealing with seeing her mom cry. She pats my back and comforts me. That is how she was with me today. She knows I get sad. She knows I miss daddy. She knows when to let me cry and she knows when to make me smile. She has been my world these past few months and I could not imagine my life without her.

So when I am sad, I will be sad. When I am happy, I will be happy. I know once Mason comes I will be even more busy and then will be working my butt off to lose weight and that will keep me busy too. I just want these next few weeks to fly and get this baby out!!

August 1, 2010

July in a nutshell!

July has gone by pretty fast for me. Madi and I stayed busy. Spending most of our time at the YMCA. We get a free membership while Jason is deployed so may as well take advantage right? Madi has been taking swim lessons in the morning and has been doin great. She is quite the little fish! She even got her first ribbon and was SO proud of herself!!

There is a waterpark out in Anthem that we have gone to a few times too. Madi was very afraid of going under the big bucket the first time, but after all her swim lessons she is becoming more brave of water hitting her face. I got her to go under it 4 times the last time we went! We will have to go again for sure!

We also got to find out we are having a BOY! Oh man I so wish Jason could have been there with me. Just hearing his reaction over the phone was priceless. I just wish I coulda seen his face and shared it with him. Madi and my mom were there and it was fun to have them with me. Jason is excited he finally gets his boy! Me on the other hand, I'm nervous. I know girls. I don't know boys. Im hoping it just comes naturally like it did with Madi. So wanna know his name? Here ya go!!

I have been having fun shopping for Mason. But I am still finding myself going back to the girl section. My mom and I are making the cutest blanket for him! Its all about trucks, robots, cars and bugs!! Can't wait to post pics. I have bought outfits for him too. Its actually kinda fun shopping for something different. Jason and I got rid of EVERYTHING from when Madi was a baby. I kept somethings that I loved of hers like favorite outfits and stuff. We really werent planning on having any more kids. So I am starting over again! But thats ok I know he will be worth it.
With July gone, it means another month closer to Jason coming home. I am glad he will get to be here in Sept. But its hard doing the long part at the end of the deployment. Mason will be 9 months old when he gets back. I pray Jason gets to be here for the birth of his son. He missed Madi's birth by about 16 hours. He was on his way home and just missed it. Madi was not waiting any longer. So I pray Mason can hold out and at least wait til his daddy gets here. Well 2 months are down and only 1o more to go!

July 9, 2010

4th of July

For the 4th of July my parents, Madi and I went to Tempe Town lake to watch the fireworks. The night before we went to Cave Creek and watched their little display of fireworks! haha. Madi thinks fireworks are the coolest thing and I love that she gets into it. 4th of July is my favorite holiday and its the one I struggle with the most when Jason is gone. I felt down the whole weekend but I try to be strong for Madi. Sometimes it sux to be strong but I know I have to be. I hate Madi seeing me sad but she also knows we both miss daddy so much.

This picture is us in the backseat on the way to the fireworks!

Gramma Papa and Madi at Tempe Town Lake

Madi and I at Tempe Town Lake. I am 28 weeks in this photo!
Sorry its sideways I didnt want to fix it after I already put it up. She is enjoying her popcorn waiting for the fireworks! Notice her sweat. I told her she got my sweat genes and she said yeah I have your sweaty genes.. haha
And about half way through the show we didnt hear her oooohs and awwws and this is what she was doin..
Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July. I know next years will be better cuz Jason will be home!! One holiday down, a lot more to go!

June 30, 2010

Yankees, Dentist and Friends

For Fathers Day my sister and I pitched in and got my dad tickets to the Yankees game when they came in town to play the Diamondbacks. I knew I got the section by the Yankees bull pen but I didnt know that we could actually throw things at the players if we wanted to. Dad and I wanted to have a spitting contest of our cherry seeds but security was pretty tight!! haha. We got to rest our feet on the bull pen! It was way cool. I think some of my favorite memories are at baseball games with my dad. We used to go to Spring Trainings all the time. I will be here next year for it and I can't wait.

Me and my dad!
I finally made an appointment for Madi at the dentist. She was so excited to go and couldnt wait to get there. I have known her dentist ever since we moved to Arizona! He made her feel very comfortable. He asked me how I got such a calm kid cuz she just laid there and didnt move! So turned out she had 2 cavities so we had to go back the next week and get them filled. She got laughing gas. I was silently excited cuz she is a crazy kid anyways I couldnt wait to see her on Laughing gas. I was disappointed. She did get too funny.. haha

She has known these boys almost since the day she was born. The two next to her are Parker and Jacob and their little brother Cody. The twins and Madi are only 2 months apart. I have pictures of them from New Years Eve that first year they were born and we have got together with them every chance we get. They are at such a fun age now that they actually play together. Madi loves beating up on the boys. Shes not a flirt or anything. We had just got out of the pool here. Next time I will have to get pictures of them in the pool!

June 22, 2010

Talk about neglect

I know I havent done this since December. But a lot has been going on. Now that Jason is deployed I would like to have something he can look at besides facebook. We found out at the end of Jan that we are expecting baby number 2 in Sept. Today I am 26 weeks along and havent found out what we are having yet. Jason has started his third deployment to Afghanistan and I moved back to Arizona. I will keep this blog updated now. At least once a week if not more. I signed Madi up for swim lessons, ballet and hip hop dance classes and she starts preschool this year. I will have a lot to blog about! My goal is to keep her as busy as possible!

Madi on the airplane. Its a 2am flight and she stayed awake the first two hours lil stinker. She was quiet though and thats all I care about!

Mom and dad at our Marsden Family Reunion. First time mom had driven a 4 wheeler, Im so proud she didnt even crash! I wont talk about my dad and that dirt bike!!But you will notice that my dad is no longer driving the dirt bike hahha!!

December 29, 2009


Oh My.... I CANNOT believe my baby is 4!!!! I don't know where the time has gone... If I have learned one thing in the last 4 years it is definatly to SLOW DOWN! I love playing with Madison. I love that I was blessed to watch over and protect her! She is my Angel. She is my rock. If I am having a bad day this girl is right there sitting in my lap rubbing my back saying its ok mama. I have got through so many hard times just by simply looking at her and realizing what a HUGE blessing I have in my life. She will make friends with anyone. We are at the checkout line and she is stricking up conversation with the people behind us. When we go to the gym that has a playground by it she is running to the first kids she sees and asks them if they want to play. I LOVE how outgoing and friendly she is. I had an cute lil old lady come up to me in the store a few weeks ago and said your lil girl just waved and smiled at me and it just made my day. She is the sunshine in my life and i am SO grateful that I have been trusted with her! I love you Madi!
I love the look on her face here. Cracks me up!!
This is on my top 5 of my favorite pictures of her!! So much personality!

Fun times at the Zoo!

She misses her dexter dog so much. She even got a stuffed animal that looks like him for her birthday! She LOVES it!!!

This was the sunday before Christmas. I love her confidence! She knows she is cute. SHe looks in the mirror and says why am i so freakin cute! Oh I love her!!!


December 15, 2009

Christmas from Grandma and Papa Lyon

We got our box from Grandma and Papa Lyon. Madi was so excited to open it she didnt want to wait for daddy to get home from work.. But she waited so patiently! Here is what we got!

Madi got these books. They are so cute. This girl absolutely LOVES to read!! I love her love for books. We go to the library and she could stay there all day looking at all the books there!
She loves this ornament.. I love watching her face when she opens presents... Her reaction is priceless!

This ornament is so freakin cool!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

They got us a nativity set... I am so excited about his because we don't have one yet.. I have been meaning to get one but this is the first year we have decorated completely for Christmas.. But we all think this angel looks like Madi!! I love it!

Here she is in action!!!


Thank you Mom and Dad/Grama and Papa Duck! We love it! Its absolutely PERFECT!!!!

December 7, 2009

Our Winter Fun

I LOVE ALASKA!!! Being in Anchorage is A MILLION times better than Fairbanks. We can actually be outside and do stuff and not freeze to death in negative 50 below weather. We went to the Downtown Tree lighting ceremony. The first time we have ever gone to one of these. We didnt realize how far away we parked so we were glad it was decently warm outside!

Here we are waiting for the ceremony to start!

It got a little chilly standing there! Good thing Madi has an awesome jacket!

We went for a drive up the mountain. Why we didnt do this in our truck I DONT KNOW. But we took the car and drove as high as we could. We finally got to a point where the car was just rolling backwards so we decided to turn around before we went off the edge!!
It was so beautiful up there though!

We finally took Madi Ice Skating. This is her first time doing it. And this is her saying look mama i can do it all by myself..

She finally got brave enough to let go of the wall...

And then she got brave enough to let go of me!

She would fall down and say Im ok and get right back up!! She is one tough cookie! One time she fell and just laid there for about 2 minutes and finally said um mom i am cold...
Here she is doing it all by herself... Next time we will see if she can actually skate instead of walk!!

The next morning we went and had breakfast with Santa. This is one girl that has NEVER been afraid of talking to Santa and sitting on his lap. Well actually with anyone. She will go up to anyone anywhere and strike up a conversation...

THey had little crafts for all the kids to do!

Madi and Jason getting the tree stand ready for the tree. This is our 4th christmas together and the first time we have went and bought a tree and put it up! The first Christmas I was in Arizona getting ready to have Madison while Jason was deployed. The 2nd Christmas Jason had just got home from Deployment and we were going to TN for 2 weeks so we didn't get a tree. The third Christmas we were in Arizona with Jason home on leave from deployment and this year is our first year with no family around but our own! I am so excited that we get to be together this year because once again next year Jason will be gone....

Sad that this girl is 3 and its her firs tree! She did a great job in helping us pick it out. Also my sister Mandy made our stockings and tree skirt for Christmas a few years ago and this is the first year we get to use them!!

Its always been tradition in our family to have the kids put the start up on the tree. Here we are passing on the tradition!!

So festive!!